Today I published a vlog style video! Last week I forgot to share my ‘Makeup of the Day’ video on my blog, so head to YouTube and make sure you check that one out as well.

Wanna hear a fun fact? Today I’m trying to figure out what/how to do my US taxes. As if it already wasn’t complicated enough, the fact that I got married and moved to NZ with my husband who’s never lived in the US I think makes it more complicated. Oh my. Well I guess it’s a learning adventure right? Also, I’m definitely asking my dad for some advice.

On a brighter note… well we are 3 weeks through this month of no sugar so I’m pretty happy about that! I think it’ll be a while until I do it again. Like a long while. But I’m glad that I am doing it right now because I loveeeee sugar and I normally eat way too much, so cutting it out for a month is definitely a good thing.

Oh and on Monday I took Sonic to the vet to get a microchip and get his first shots. He did so great, little guy! He weighs 1.35 kgs… which still seems tiny but he is so much bigger than when we first got him! He’s such a cutie. Still working on that whole potty training thing but he’s doing great. Super playful and happy as ever.

How is your week going?


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