Old Navy Sale Summer 2019 {Baby}

{Updated August 1}

I love shopping. I especially love online shopping. And I am notorious for adding things to my cart or wishlist and never actually buying them. We do have a budget after all. Having a baby is fun though because he’s growing and I have an excuse to buy baby clothes, which, let’s be honest, are the cutest clothes. I mean how many times have you wished your kids clothes came in adult sizes?!

I recently discovered that Old Navy’s baby clothes are the CUTEst. I ordered a few items for my mom to bring over when Abel was born and I seriously had to restrain myself. I could have bought everything but unfortunately, yes, we still have a budget. 

Well, today I was once again browsing Old Navy and willing Abel to grow quickly so I can buy him more clothes (Just kidding. Kind of.) and realized that some of you have babies to shop for too. This is not an exhaustive list of their sale items; just some of my favorites! Now, I’m a clearance shopper. I always go straight for the sales; I hate buying things full-price. That means some items may be sold out of some sizes, so I apologize if that’s the case! Now go get shopping! 😉

old navy summer sale 2019 baby.png


Graphic Bodysuit 3-Pack – $16.47
I bought these for Abel in 3-6m and can’t wait for him to fit them!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1.png

Graphic Bodysuit – $4
I especially love the leopard, giraffe, and dinosaur ones.


Dino-Print Bodysuit – $6
Is anyone else obsessed with dinosaurs?

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (2).png

Printed Crew-Neck Bodysuit – $6
Another dinosaur one, this is even cuter!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (3).png

Printed Sleeveless Bodysuit – $2.97
I can’t wait to put Abel is sleeveless shirts like this in summertime! Isn’t this leopard print the cutest?

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (4).png

Graphic Sleeveless Bodysuit – $3.97
The ‘Life Is Sweet’ one and the pineapple one, are my favorites!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (5)

Graphic Tank Bodysuit – $3.97
These girly little tanks are so cute!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (6).png

Ruffled Chambray Sleeveless Top – $6
I need a daughter just so she can wear this top.

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (7).png


Sleeveless Kiwi-Print One-Piece – $5.97
I was sitting on the couch browsing on my phone when I saw this and decided I HAD to place an order with Old Navy. When I was pregnant with Abel our nickname for him was Kiwi. So obviously he needs anything that is kiwi themed. Right?

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (8).png

Graphic One-Piece – $5.97
These are so adorable as well.

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (9).png

Printed Jersey Dress – $6
I adore baby dresses. I actually have four baby dresses that I bought before Abel was born, just in case he was a girl, because they were on a great sale.

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (10).png

Jersey Tank Dress 2-Pack – $11.97 and Jersey Dress 2-Pack – $11.97
More dresses for your little sweetheart.

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (11)


Rib-Knit-Waist Pull-On Jeans – $18
{updated 1 August} These jeans were $10 when I published this post, and now are $18. However, this pair is only $10 and this pair is $12.
I love the look of these, and the knit waist means they’ll be nice and comfy! I got a pair of these for Abel.

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (12).png

Rolled-Cuff Twill Utility Shorts – $5.97
Your little guy (or girl) would look so cute in these!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (13).png

Ruffle-Back Jersey Diaper Cover – $6
I love these for under dresses for a baby/toddler!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (14)


Whales & Sharks Graphic Sleep Set – $8.97

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (16).png

Graphic Pocket Tank & Dolphin-Hem Shorts Set – $8.97
I’m in love with the yellow and pink sets! Maybe I do need to place another Old Navy order, for our future daughter… hmm…


Fruit-Print Sleep Set – $15
As soon as I saw this set I knew I HAD to get it! I’m not sure if I’ll put Abel in this or save it for when we have a girl. There are a few other sets that are just as cute and they’re only $8 right now: Solar System, Fruit and Veggies, and Dino-Print.

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (17)


Faux-Leather Double-Buckle Sandals – $7.97
Birkenstock-style sandals for your babe? Yes please!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (19).png

Chambray Baseball Cap – $4.97
Simple but classic, I think this is adorable!

Old Navy Summer Sale 2019 Baby 1 (18).png

I’m really looking forward to putting Abel in the clothes that I ordered for him! I also got matching Independence Day shirts for Jared, Abel, and I. I remember wearing these Old Navy shirts when I was younger, so I just had to get them for us!

Newborn Baby Abel-21 copy

If you’re in New Zealand and now you’re sad that you’re missing out on Old Navy, check out this post on some of my other favorite places to get baby clothes!

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