Northland Beaches: Pataua North

Several weeks ago we spent a Saturday at the beach. It’s still a bit chilly for swimming but we enjoyed relaxing on the sand. We love exploring Northland beaches and finding new gorgeous spots!

It was my first time at Pataua North and it was amazing! We parked at a small gravel lot then walked up a grassy hill and BOOM there’s a gorgeous beach view!

Abel is (was?) learning not to put every single thing into his mouth so I could relax a little more and not worry about him eating sand all the time. That was a couple weeks ago. Last week I took him to the park and he started eating some random sandwich crusts he found. Bark. Leaves. Etc. So I’m not sure if he’s actually improving. Regardless, this day at the beach his mouthing things was minimal!

After spending a couple hours at the beach, we drove a few minutes away to where you can walk on a little trail and bridge across the water to Pataua South – which otherwise you can only reach by driving all the way around Whangarei and through Waipu.

I’m really looking forward to more beach days this summer! Check out this post for some of the beaches we visited earlier this year.

2 thoughts on “Northland Beaches: Pataua North

  1. Suzan says:

    Such a stunning beach and the water is beautiful. It wonderful to see a country that works hard to keep its beauty and pristine environment.


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