So I Set Off the Smoke Alarm…

On Thursday I decided to make quiche for dinner, and cinnamon rolls because… yum! Well I decided to cook some ground beef to add to the quiche, as well as some veggies. I got out one of our new cast iron pans, excited to use it! Earlier this week I looked up how to season them and so they were ready to use. But here’s a tip: whatever you are cooking, and whatever pan/dish you use… don’t make it too hot. When I went to put the ground beef in the pan, it was too hot so within seconds a smell very reminiscent of burnt hamburgers filled the room. Also- lots of smoke. Lots. and Lots.


I immediately removed the pan from the burner but it was still hot so it kept smoking and burning the meat. There was so much smoke! I ran around frantically opening windows, and grabbed the broom to fan the smoke away. But to no avail… the smoke alarm started it’s ear piercing screeching. I made sure both doors were open too and then continued to frantically fan the smoke alarm with the broom to try and shut it off. Finally the beeping stopped.

Now to dinner. Ugh. I separated the good meat from the burnt parts and cooked it the rest of the way through. Then I added it, along with some chopped veggies, to my egg, milk, and cheese mixture and poured it into the crust I had prepared. Into the oven it went.

Thennnn as soon as the quiche was in the oven I began rolling out the cinnamon rolls. Mmm! Can I just tell you I love love love cinnamon rolls! I need more practice making them but hey that’s not necessarily a bad thing now is it? More practice = more cinnamon rolls, right?!

So that was my adventurous evening. I promise, dinner doesn’t always cause such a commotion… What about you? What’s a crazy dinner making story that you have?

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